Artist Management

Artist & Talent Management. We are one of the most premium Artist Talent Management Services Provider Agency Jaipur to cater services in this arena.

We know how to increase the glam quotient of an event with a celebrity or artist. We manage celebrity promotional events for a particular product, service or film, brand launch, inauguration or unveiling ceremony, parties where celebrities are the center of attraction with style and ease as we have experiences in holding such gala parties with professionalism. We have the expertise in throwing the most exciting Page 3 parties, fashion parties, lifestyle magazine parties with models and artists meeting the public and the media.

Artist Management is an area where we provide end-to-end services – right from artist selection for a particular event, artist co-ordination, management and execution of the entire event. As a specialist in artist management we coordinate with some of the most outstanding & popular performers in India in the diverse creative fields. We take care that you get the best every time! Whether it’s a corporate celebration, event, concert or a wedding function, we fulfill all requirements for any artist or celebrity.

There is nothing more enthralling and captivating than the live concerts by the performing artists from different fields. Planet Celebration keeps a tab on the upcoming talents whose exceptional talents are liked by the public. Its resources also include the maestros from diverse fields across India. With the latest hi tech instruments & equipment helpful in delivering quality performances to the creation of the right ambience, we, at Planet Celebration, take every minute detail into our consideration.

Just a click of the mouse & get ready to enthrall your guests and audience with the mesmerizing performances. We will be glad to offer our services as Artist Talent Management Services Provider Agency Jaipur.

Key areas of our expertise

Artist Management
Male-Female models
Club DJ
Dance troupe
Folk dancers
Male and female singers
Hosts & anchors
Bollywood stars & co-stars
Renowned singers
Mimicry artists
Famous laughter challenge comedians
Bhangra group
Western dance troupe
Folk singers & dancers
Emcees & mainstream artists
Ghazal singers
Punjabi singers
Rock groups & orchestra
Belly dancers
Samba dancers
International acrobats etc.
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