Horseshoe Wedding Ring

Horseshoe Wedding Ring
The legend of the horseshoe wedding ring is a truly romantic tale. A bride would have good reason to use that legend as the theme for a wedding ceremony and wedding reception. How should she proceed, if she wants to plan a wedding that reflects the passionate love behind the horseshoe wedding ring?

She might want forget-me-knots to be one of the flowers carried by the women in her wedding party. Forget-me-knots were the flowers that David gave to Maggie on the Sunday when they planned their trek to the site of their elopement. They made those plans under willow trees. A bride might want willow branches in the centerpieces at her wedding reception.

A bride who wants a horseshoe wedding ring theme at her reception should find a way to create a likeness of the original horseshoe ring. That ring contained two nails twisted together. The nails had been ground and polished. They fit perfectly on Maggies finger.

A bride might want to search around for someone willing to make multiple likenesses of that ring. Those small likenesses could be used as horseshoe favors at the wedding reception. Such favors would make it clear to wedding guests that the bride and groom shared with the legendary David and Maggie feelings of true and passionate love.

At a wedding reception, the tables sometimes bear a number. Guests are then given a number, so that they know where to sit. If a bride has such a need at a wedding with a horseshoe wedding ring theme, she might take a cue from the tales farmer.

That farmer made good use of a plank of wood, a plank that was 6 inches long and 1 inch thick. He told David and Maggie to use that plank when sleeping in his bed (the night before their wedding). A bride could use wooden planks with numbers on them to guide her guests to their designated reception tables.

It is doubtful that a bride would want to serve mutton stew and dumplings at her wedding reception. That is what David and Maggie ate when they stayed at the farmers home. A bride might want to offer her guests the drink that was enjoyed by all, following the marriage of David and Maggie at Greta Green.

On that night, everyone drank cider. A bride who wants to keep with the horseshoe wedding ring theme should thus offer cider to her wedding guests. A horseshoe wedding ring theme might be the perfect theme for a bride who does not want to have alcohol served at her reception.

Muslim and Bahai brides should learn more about the romantic legend behind the unusual wedding ring, the ring made from horseshoe nails.

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