Guide to Wedding Anniversary Milestones

Wedding Anniversary Milestone Years

Since ancient times, in most cultures around the globe, wedding anniversaries have been celebrated joyously. Most couples consider their wedding anniversaries as an occasion to recall their special day, the day they took their wedding vows and made promises to be there for each other always. SO, get to know more about A Guide to Wedding Anniversary Milestones!

It is the time to remember all those wonderful years and be pleased with the captivating experience. In a married life, it is the love and affection for each other that make the relationship to nurture stronger.It is natural to meet trials, sacrifices, bad times and temptations, but in contrast there are joyous moments, sharing, affection and continuous yearning for each other.

Giving traditional gifts for a specific year has also been a practice since ancient times. It also helps to find out how long the couples have been together. The longer the married years, the symbol of marriage becomes more and more precious.

Here are some significant anniversary years and the gifts that are typically given and exchanged to celebrate that special year.

1st Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Paper – It represents the potency in paper that derives from the intertwined bond of the paper’s individual threads.

5th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Wood – The strength of a marriage bond is represented by the traditional gift of wood that symbolizes sturdiness and longevity.

10th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Gold – Optimism and wealth are often linked with gold. This metal is not only beautiful, but strong and corrosion-free too.

25th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Silver

30th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Pearl

45th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Sapphire

50th Anniversary:

Traditional Gift: Gold

100th Anniversary:

Modern Gift: 10K Diamond

In fact, few pages of history indicates that hundreds of years back in Central Europe, a man would gift his wife with a silver or golden garland to mark the occasion of their anniversary.

When it comes to celebrations, some couples like to enjoy the day in a lavish manner with friends and families while some prefer to spend the day quietly in the company of each other.

One popular and common trend to celebrate anniversaries is by renewing wedding vows on that special day, as a reminder of what brought the couple together in the first place.

When organizing a bash for your anniversary, try and keep its décor in relation to the symbols that signify the anniversary year. For example, make use of loads of silver glitter, plates and so on for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Another way to make things exciting for your anniversary is to plan a holiday to some new and interesting travel destination. Explore sights and sounds that have never seen or heard of and it’s a sure way to revive and strengthen the flames of a relationship. I Hope, this article will work Guide to Wedding Anniversary Milestones!

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