New Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Tips and advice on planning your wedding! That is right, but you should inculcate various things while planning a wedding in Jaipur. And don’t forget Entertainment part. You should be aware of Latest Wedding Entertainment Trends Ideas.

Latest Wedding Entertainment Trends Ideas are the key to a successful wedding function.

Remember the days when you went to a wedding and were forced to listen to the boring speeches of every second cousin and uncle of the couple and watch them open their gifts wondering when they would get to the serving of the cake? Thankfully those days are gone. Wedding receptions are getting a makeover with brides and wedding planners coming up with new wedding entertainment ideas. Conscientious couples are taking their wedding guests into consideration to ensure that they have a good time.

One website where many wedding entertainment ideas can be found is Many brides consult this website many times in the months before their weddings since it contains so many great ideas in one place. One idea is to make up an “I Spy” checklist. You print out things you want your guests to take pictures of in a checklist form. Things they can be on the lookout for are a kiss, the cutest couple, the biggest smile, the best dancer, and an artistic picture of their food or centerpiece. Then, you can give them a website where they can post their pictures afterwards.

Another big and fun trend is to rent or make a photo booth. There are many photo booth rental companies that provide instant and digital copies of the photos taken. They also in many cases provide fun dress-up props that your guests can pose with. If you can’t afford to rent a photo booth, you could still set up a designated area where a shutter-happy friend can take pictures of the guests. You can collect your own props and put them in a prop box. Ideas for props could be hats of all kinds, feather boas, tiaras, gloves, funny glasses, fake mustaches, ukeleles, hula skirts, empty photo frames, parasols, and chinese fans. Your guests will relish the fun to be had in this corner of your reception place.

Another of the Latest Wedding Entertainment Trends Ideas is to get your guests to engage in various outdoor games that are set up ahead of time. Games like croquet, horseshoes, and bocce ball are excellent choices. If you are going for a more casual wedding, you may even like to set up some carnival games like a ring toss or a bean bag toss. Any kids attending the wedding would love this and their parents would be grateful for the attention given to the children.

If you would like to entertain your guests with music, there are all sorts of musicians who play various styles to complement the style of your wedding. Some beach themed weddings have hosted a steel drum band, whereas more formal wedding might have a string quartet or jazz band that plays classical or modern pieces.
A final idea is to hire a sketch artist for the reception. The artist can quietly draw or paint pictures of the guests for them to keep as a keepsake. Any number of these ideas can be incorporated into your wedding reception to help your guests have the time of their lives.
So, these are few tips to find Latest Wedding Entertainment Trends Ideas!

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