Practical Guide for Delivering an Unforgettable Wedding Toast

Wedding Toast

Wedding Toasts : Tips & Examples

So, let us talk about Wedding Toast! There are some people who feel very awkward while rendering a wedding toast amidst various guests of the recently married couple. The wedding toast is most often assigned to the very close acquaintance of the bride or the groom or the maid of honor. Sometimes the parents of the bride and groom are also chosen to give a wedding toast. It is an honor to be chosen to give a wedding toast.

Here are some tips to follow for an unforgettable Wedding Toast:

Make preparations for the wedding toast well in advance. The success of the wedding toast will largely depend on the effort that has gone into the preparation of the speech. Organize your thoughts and then pen them down. You can also compose a wedding toast with lyrics and quotes.
You can start the preparation of the wedding toast by reading sample speeches, available through the internet and from books. You will be able to form an idea of the wedding toast you are going to prepare.

Prepare a cheat seat as you did in school. You can do a similar thing with a wedding toast also. Keep the size of the note small. Do not write down everything that you intend to say. Simply pen down an outline of the speech that you have prepared as a wedding toast. This will help you deliver the wedding toast with conviction and confidence.
After you have written down the wedding toast, keep practicing in front of the mirror for hours together. Keep looking at yourself in the mirror and think that you are amidst friends, the newlywed couple, and other esteemed guests. Practice will make your wedding toast a brilliant endeavor. Let your friends hear you speaking and then ask them to suggest ways of improving your speech as a wedding toast.
You need to give a good introduction of yourself to draw the attention of the crowd towards you. Guests will be busy eating and drinking. You have to somehow divert their attention towards you.

Finally, deliver the speech you have prepared and practiced so well. While giving a wedding toast, maintain eye contact either with the crowd or the couple. Adjust your pauses, so that you can lay emphasis on certain points within your speech. Always keep the wedding toast brief. It should not be more than two minutes in duration. Behave naturally and slowly let everyone hear your wedding toast. Raise your glass as it is a wedding toast.

The wedding toast should be a heartfelt one. Everyone should be touched by the speech. You will be applauded by the audience and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Always remember to end the wedding toast in a positive note; congratulating the couple and welcoming the new bride into the family. It is a privilege to be designated the task of raising a wedding toast.

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