What to Discuss with Your Wedding Planner in Jaipur

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner in Jaipur? This is equally crucial point while planning a wedding in Jaipur. You should keep in mind various things. Let’s know what are these things.

Let your Wedding Planner know your needs very precisely. Explain in details the type of wedding that you desire. Don’t give him just vague ideas. Only talk things which are possible to do as well as the things which are in your budget. When you meet us we give you the pricing of each element so that you have the flexibility to work out the budget yourself as well.

-Ask your wedding planner about the prices and the various taxes and government fee etc. that will be involved in your wedding
-Let them know about all your wedding rituals very precisely so that they plan things accordingly. It is adviseable to hire a wedding planner in Jaipur who has done execution of various weddings of your cast or your religion. Planet Celebration™ has the best seasoned professionals to execute all sorts of weddings.

Mention the dates of all your wedding functions clearly so that they keep themselves available for you on those dates. This is very important to keep in mind the Sawa or Marriage Dates according to the Hindu Panchang or so called Sava. (Most Hindu people fix the dates according to the astrological auspicious dates).

The number of guests is also an important factor to decide the budget along with the venue. When you plan a wedding for 100 guests it needs different venue and different arrangements, and if you are planning a wedding for 500+ guests that are going to attend the wedding. Then, the whole budget, venue, arrangements changes accordingly. Also, try to give them a little insight so that they can plan the entertainment quotient. Check the inclusions of the package very carefully before finalizing the wedding planning package.

So, you might get idea as What to discuss with your Wedding Planner in Jaipur!

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